Configuration of BTicino gateways

The application work with the BTicino MyHome webservers F452, F452AV, F453AV and the scenarios programmer MH200 ( that is not a certified gateway and can introduce some delay in communication when several scenarios is loaded ). All these products are called gateway because they are the connection between the bus and the ethernet network.

The only change to be made to the gateway to run the application (such as all applications of third parties) is to set a range of IP addresses can access without authentication to the gateway. This range must include the addresses of any iPhone or iPodTouch but must necessarily exclude the ip address of your computer where you configure the gateway. This range should be specified in the setting "Range IP" in the software configuration of the gateway that is available for every model on the website BTicino.

A practical example of a configuration may be this:

In this situation you need to define a range that start from address and end with address Is very important that you specify a range that exclude the ip address of the pc ( ) or you need to reconfigure the gateway using usb cable.

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